This is me


Look out cos here I cooooooooome!

Not really, but Hey! Welcome!!

I’m Insaaf. 20-something year old mum, student and employee.

Quick disclaimer: The inspiration behind this blog is to just keep myself accountable through the journey ahead. I am a Digital Marketing student at NZIE and as part of the course we are required to create and promote our personal blog.

Through my perspective, I’ll be exploring the trials and tribulations of a novice first time mum trying to do too much, in too little time (story of my life!). I’m very far from an expert so please join me, laugh with me, laugh at me and cry with me, as I stumble my way through this whole process.

If you have any tips or tricks of the trade – Please please share. I could deeeeeeefinitely use the help hehe.

My end goal is, I’d like for this blog to be used as a platform to relate and inspire professional mamas who feel they’ve had to choose between staying home, working, or studying. Who says you gotta choose one!?

After all…if I’m doing it – You can too!

Thoughts on a page,