Meet Our Auntie Charlotte


Im so so happy to introduce our Charlotte! 

Recommended by a friend, THIS is the lady who allows me to do what I do and not have to worry about the amount of love and care our little one is receiving. 

She is a qualified ECE educator. She’s loved and cared for many little ones over her childcare career and we are beyond blessed to have her. Her passion for her kids and the amount of loves she has for them is second to none!!

To her, it’s not just a job and it really shows. I can’t imagine what my student/work life would be like without this lady!

Thank you so much for caring for Ayah, and for being a great voice of reason, helping us through this transition phase! That first day, as expected there were tears, mostly mine hehe…Charlotte put her motherly arms around me and assured me that it will take some time and this reaction is normal and will pass. And as just as she said, IT DID and very quickly. **Just quietly** I get slightly jealous at how happy Ayah is to be dropped off every time hehe

We love your bubbly personality, OCD cleanliness (wish this could rub off on me haha but it’s definitely rubbed off on Ayah, so hey – win some ya lose some haha), your quirkiness, your sense of humour but most of all we love and appreciate the way you love our kids…and to be quite frank we couldn’t do this without you!

So here’s to you Char, the treasure looking after our treasures ❤️❤️

We love you – Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady 😘😘

Insaaf  & the “ratbag”



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