29 things I STILL do, now that I am 30.

I thought it’s timely that I do a bit of reflection, now that I’m 30 and all. I should be well on my way to being an adult now right? …I’ll let you be the judge of that.

1. I dream.


And not aspirational dreams, like “what I’d like to be when I grow up”, I mean literal dreams! Last night I went to China, met a few really cool people. Vin Diesel was there, we ran across the Great Wall. I then got into an elevator, pushed level 1 and ended up waking up in my queen bed with a 2 year old looking at me asking if I’m awake. It’s ok, it was my daughter.     

2. I forget to brush my teeth before I leave home at least twice a week. Yuck, I know but I do run back into the house and do it. Promise.

3. I play the “How far can I drive my car on Empty before it putts out on me” game- My PB is 32km.

4. I Imagine what it would be like to win the lottery.


10 MILLION DOLLARS of it. Invest in a couple properties, pay off my and my families mortgages. Solve world poverty. Buy an Island. Have a foodcourt in my house. Employ a butler. . .and a cleaner.

5. I draw stick figures, because my hand doesn’t allow for anything else.

6. I race my daughter (2yo) and WIN. Tough love. She’ll learn to do better next time. giphy-3

7. I laugh when someone farts

Whether it’s my husband’s, my mum’s or my daughters. It’s the funniest thing ever! Unless, it’s my dad’s…then I leave the room.

8. I call my mum daily.


I ask for recipes for meals I’ve prepared a million times, what cleaning products I should be using or advice on the consistency and colour of my kids poop. It’s her opinion and I need it.

9. I also have my dad on speed dial if and when my car goes kaput!

10. I get nervous when a cop is driving anywhere near me.


Legally, I really have nothing to worry about, driving round in my mum car with a baby seat covered in crushed crackers and orange stale twisties. The last time I got stopped, Ayah cried bloody murder and they just let me go without checking anything. Score!

11. I listen to Back Street boys, NSYNC, Britney Spears and Spice Girls.  I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha!

12. I meet someone once and then refer to them as my friend. At what age did it become not okay to do this?!


13. I think I could easily go back to High School and own it….Actually I’m not too sure about that one.

14. I strive to be a successful boss lady and an expert in my field.

15. I study. It’s ALWAYS a good idea to up skill. The learning never stops.

16. I think I have a 6th sense.

No, I don’t see dead people. I’m talking about gut feeling. Something tells me to do something and I don’t, I know I will regret it later, and vice-versa.


17. I tell the truth.

Not with my mouth, but with my face. If it weren’t for my face I could be a lawyer (sorry, not sorry HAHA jk).


18. I Offer my seat to someone older than me.

Although I’m 30 now, so I’m expecting to be seated a lot more

19. I think I’m still young. What?…I AM!!

20. I like to think I’m a good person. My subconscious is both a blessing and a curse.

21. I still remember standing up to a bully in intermediate. I wasn’t the victim but she did kick me in the shin and I got her suspended. TAKE THAT HANNAH – I DON’T REMEMBER YOUR LAST NAME!

22. Imagine what life would be like without my loved ones.

This depresses me, so I forget about it.

23. I Dance.

I’m not good or anything, but I do have a few moves…HEEEEEEEEY MACARENA! AHAI!

25. I Believe I can do anything I put my mind to. The mind is a powerful thing. Fill it up with positive thoughts.

26. I try again. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

26. I often wonder about things, like if I was born in an Era where it were up to me to create electricity, we would still be living like cavemen in world of darkness and not a single piece of technology. Man, people are pretty clever.

27. I enjoy having a birthday. That may change in the next 10 years. Stand-by.

28. I speak too fast and then stumble over my words and run out of breath.

29. I tell really funny jokes, depending on who you ask. The others are liars


How often do we hear life is an adventure? …Well it is!

It’s a roller coaster that starts the day you are born, and when you hit that first loop in your teenage years, you hold on!! Then, you hit that second loop, and you start to get used to it. You start to enjoy it more. By the next few loops you’re having the time of your life! …Until that ride finishes and you look back…and realise…


PS. Make me feel a bit better and let me know what you still do now that you’re older

Thoughts on a page,

Insaaf x


5 thoughts on “29 things I STILL do, now that I am 30.

  1. I think you page are really GOOD It is funny and serious at the same time..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahahaha… Just read an article in the newspaper and the 27 year old guy was like :”Do you still refer to people being 30 as young people?” and I am like… WTF???? Of cause we are young people!!! Come on I am not even an adult yet…. Maybe on paper… 😀


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