Victimised by Instagram


So – The weirdest thing happened!  If you’re wondering why I haven’t been on Instagram, it’s cos’ my account got deactivated!! What!?

Here’s the email I got:


Woah woah woah!! I’m sorry Mr/Mrs Instagram – I didn’t even get a chance to post anything other than a “Welcome” picture!!

Knowing I did nothing to breach any of their rules….without a second thought, I followed the instructions, sent them a “beautiful” picture of myself doing everything they asked. And by beautiful I mean a mugshot of myself because I felt I like a criminal!!

Later that day I shared my experience, with my sister, who basically told me – “WHAT THE HELL?! You’re meant to be smart – I’ve never heard of anything like this, it sounds like a scam blah, blah blah, blah blah”…so now I feel like a criminal AND I feel stupid. GRRRRRRREAT!

Either way, I sent the photo and was now just waiting for it to come up on some jokers website for everyone to laugh at my ignorance. 

Two days later however, I got a lovely email from Instagram apologising for the inconvenience and they’ve reactivated my account! Automated apology email or not, – Damn straight it was an inconvenience and you better be sorry!  Instagram gonna learn today!!!…Jk…please don’t deactivate me again…

But really…if you have any doubt of the seriousness instagram has on the legitimacy of their users? Doubt no further!!

Long story short – for the second time, but really for the first time….



Help me turn this little insta-mess around by getting us insta-worthy and following our page

I know it’s not my mess to clean up, but then again neither is the milk, smashed crackers or tomato sauce I cleaned off my sofa this morning!  So in all “Mum-fashion”, when our instagram page reaches 60+ follows (..cos I’m almost 30 and I have a 2 year old, and 30 x 2 = 60. Yay Math!) 

We have THREE genius little eco-friendly wet wipes pouches to give away. I normally buy the big bulk lot of wet wipes and with these pouches its just so much better than putting them clean straight into your bag and having a wet stain! Haha I can’t live without mine!


All you’ve got to do is:

  1. Share either the Facebook or Instagram post on your page
  2. Like our Facebook page here
  3. Follow our new Insta page here
  4. Done. Easy! 

Every follow will go into the draw and winners will be announced on Insta as soon as we’ve reached target! 

Thanks again for helping me right this insta-wrong!

Thoughts on a page,


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