Happy Children’s Day!!


Oh – You didn’t know?? That’s because it hasn’t been publicised enough!

Our children are the most precious things in our lives and while we appreciate them and show them love daily, children love feeling special. They know there’s a Mother’s Day, a Father’s Day and lord knows they know there’s a Birthday!! 😂😂

Do they know theres a Children’s Day though?? This is not an invite to corporates to capitalise on this – we won’t be buying cards or gifts. Today I propose we just spend more time with them!

Let’s give them a few more extra kisses than usual, that book you’ve read them a million times? Make it a million and one. Hug them a little longer and take a few more minutes to just look at them! We know how fast kids grow and change. And OH. MY.GOODNESS. You only realise HOW FAST when you look at your own, whether it be your child, your niece/nephew, your grandkids.

We do so much for them and it’s so easy to forget how much they do for us!

So SHOUT OUT to all our children, who keep us on our toes. We’re meant to be the teachers, but it’s YOU who makes us strive for more, it’s YOU who we want to be proud of us, it’s YOU we want to be better for and it’s BECAUSE of you that we will never settle for second best!

So here’s to our future, our babies!!

“We hope you have all that you will need today and always” – Nadia Ismail


Please check out the link below for events that are happening around the country to celebrate our kids!


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Thoughts on a page,



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