What has my life become?!


It’s become a challenge!

A challenge of juggling motherhood, work and study. 

Even on it’s own, each of these three aspects are demanding.

…but you know what? 

Challenges aren’t a bad thing! 

It helps grow your skills, your knowledge. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new! Take a risk! Experience new things!

It doesn’t have to be big life changing challenges. It can be as small as getting up 5min earlier in the morning. The important thing is that when we set ourselves a goal in the form of a challenge we’re just more likely to be successful with it.

I’ve always loved writing but I’ve never blogged before. It’s new and it’s pretty damn daunting. What do people care about? How can I make a difference? How is what I have to say of any value to you? What do I even know?!

One thing I do know is – I am very lucky and very blessed to have a strong support network that allows me to seamlessly take on all these challenges. My sister occasionally babysits my daughter, Ayah, when I have unexpected classes and Ayah loves spending time with her. 

Getting messages like this half way through a class lecture, I can’t help but have a little chuckle to myself. 

As Ayah grows, the bonds she forms with family and friends just gets stronger and more and more precious. Don’t get me wrong, choosing to go back to study wasn’t easy, and the mum guilt is definitely real (That’s a topic for another day). But I believe those bonds are so important in shaping who she is and who she becomes. Deep. I know, bear with me. My sentimental side is on a roll. 

There are so many of us going through some pretty crazy changes…but if there is one thing I hope you take from this, I hope you set those goals, take on that challenge and smash it!!

Thoughts on a page,



Note to self. Buy wipes!!

7 thoughts on “What has my life become?!

  1. Great start to your blog sweetheart! I am, as always, totally blown away with your honest, sincere and humble ‘amazingness’ : )) Kia kaha … may your journey as a blogger grow from strength to strength.

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